I recently purchased a very nice 1983 R80RT. It is the smoothest ride that I have ever rode, and very predictable. I purchased the machine from a local Dallas used bike dealer who sold the bike as having 25,000 miles on it. I thought it was quite a bike and exceptionally clean for the year, and it is very clean. However I am starting to wonder if the 25 thousand miles is rather 125 thousand miles.The machine and frame is spotless. She runs very fine. I am very surprised with this machine. The fairing is near perfect with the paint faded. I have no worries about the machine on a local level if the miles are 25k. If this RT has 25k I made a decent buy. If it indeed has 125K I feel that I have been misled and wonder about the longevity of my purchase and riding pleasure. I may or may have not made a "decent" buy.My question or concern is simply this: How many miles can these machines of legend pile up before I hear pings and knocks and see the smoke? What is really considered "high" mileage on this machine?

Please help

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